Case Study: Forest Glen Condominiums

In the world of insurance claims and legal battles, the claim we settled for Forest Glen Condominiums was nothing short of extraordinary. Facing a denied insurance claim for hail damage to their roofs, the condo association and its president, Bruce Matthews, found themselves in a challenging situation. 

Matthews, the president of the condo association, recalls the initial shock when they discovered the extensive roof damage. He says, “When we first learned about the hail damage, it was a complete surprise. We were unsure about how to proceed, especially since none of us on the board had any legal experience.”

Their journey took a significant turn when an experienced contractor inspected their roofs and identified the hail damage. They recommended submitting an insurance claim, and that’s when they decided to seek legal representation.

The contractor introduced them to Ryan Graff from MGW, who brought a wealth of experience to the table. Matthews explains, “Ryan’s unique background, having worked for insurance companies in the past, gave us immense confidence. He knew the ins and outs of the insurance industry, and we felt reassured that he would fight for our case.”

The condo association’s struggle didn’t end there. Their insurance company initially dismissed their claim, blaming it on walnut tree damage, an explanation that defied logic. Bruce Matthews recalls this frustrating phase, saying, “Hastings Mutual tried to dismiss our claim with an absurd walnut tree damage theory. We knew we needed legal help to push back on this.”

Under Ryan’s guidance, the condo association decided to take legal action. Matthews reflects on this pivotal moment, stating, “We had complete trust in Ryan and MGW. We knew that suing an insurance company could be daunting, but we felt confident that we were in good hands.”

As the legal process progressed, Ryan Graff and the MGW team were unwavering in their commitment to the case. Their dedication and expertise ultimately led to a successful resolution. Matthews enthusiastically shares, “Ryan and MGW were instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome. Their strategic approach, legal acumen, and unwavering support made all the difference.”

In less than a year and a half, the condo association received a settlement offer of $1.825 Million, a significant victory considering their initial denial. Matthews remarks, “Ryan was right—this case never went to trial. MGW’s negotiation skills and determination paved the way for this successful settlement.”

Matthews sums it up perfectly, saying, “If you find yourself in a situation like ours, MGW is the firm you should work with. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone facing similar challenges.”

MGW Law is the only firm in Wisconsin representing those facing denied or delayed insurance claims. It’s not a part of what we do; it’s all we do. With over fifty years of combined experience working for insurance companies, we know how the process works and we’re prepared to make your insurance provider pay what’s fair. If you’re facing a denied or delayed insurance claim, we can help.

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