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Why Choose MGW for Your Denied Insurance Claim?

When you’re dealing with a denied insurance claim, it can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. Insurance companies are in the business of making money,

What to Do if Your Life Insurance Claim is Denied

If your life insurance claim has been denied, it can be a frustrating and confusing experience. However, it is important to know that you have

What Insurance Do I Need For My Wisconsin Lake Home?

When it comes to protecting your Wisconsin lake home, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage in place. Not all insurance policies are created

My Business was Denied an Insurance Claim: What Are My Options?

When your business is denied an insurance claim, it can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. It’s important to know that you have options, and

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Broken Pipes?

In Wisconsin, broken pipes are one of the leading causes of insurance claims in the winter. Broken pipes can cause significant damage to a home,

6 Common Reasons Why Your Insurance Claim Was Denied or Delayed

If you’ve ever filed an insurance claim, you know how frustrating it can be to have it denied or delayed. Unfortunately, this is a common

What can I do if the insurance company is lowballing me?

Before calling insurance claim experts like MGW law, here are some initial steps you can take if you feel that the insurance company is lowballing you.

6 tips to filing a fire and smoke damage insurance claim

With the winter months and holidays comes an increase in fire and smoke damage claims in Wisconsin. Fireplaces are being stoked, families are gathering to

4 most common reasons why a life insurance claim is denied

Like any insurance claim, life insurance claims can be denied for various reasons, which are likely outlined somewhere in the fine print of your policy

When To Hire A Lawyer For An Insurance Claim

When facing an insurance claim for your home or business, hiring an attorney may be an option you are considering. If so, there are several

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