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Issues with AmGUARD Insurance Company

Problems With AmGUARD Insurance Company? Give MGW Law a call.  Not all insurance companies are created equal. In our experience, there are certain insurance companies

Is Your Insurance Company Playing by the Rules?

Is Your Insurance Company Playing by the Rules?

MGW lawyers explain the rules and laws that insurance companies must follow. Football season is back, but your favorite team is not the only one

Unfair Insurance Companies Practices

MGW lawyers explain how insurance companies can breach their obligations to the insured. An insurance company has an affirmative duty to make a good faith

MGW Receives One of the Largest Punitive Damages Awarded in County History

MGW lawyers obtain one of the largest punitive damages awarded in Manitowoc County. Recently, John Mayer and Ryan Graff obtained a $1.5 million dollar verdict for

Understanding Denied Health Insurance Claims

The Mayer, Graff & Wallace team explain what you should do when your health insurance claim is denied. Individuals who purchase health insurance for personal

Understanding Your Denied Travel Insurance Claim

The Mayer, Graff & Wallace team explain why travel insurance often is denied and what to do when this occurs. Most people buy travel insurance

Understanding Your Life Insurance Policy

The Mayer, Graff & Wallace team explain what a life insurance policy is and what to do if you feel you are not receiving the

What is an Examination Under Oath?

The MGW Law team explains what an Examination Under Oath is and Wisconsin’s law regarding an EUO. An examination under oath (“EUO”) is a procedure

Timely Payment of Insurance Claims

The Mayer, Graff & Wallace, LLP team explain that Wisconsin insurers are required to pay legitimate claims within 30 days of receiving notice of a

Investigating your own insurance claim

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