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Medical bills: Is my lowball offer illegal? 

So, you filed a claim for your medical bill, but your insurance company offered you less than what you owe. A lowball offer is not

Navigating Your Travel Insurance Claim

Navigating Your Travel Insurance Claim 

With summer travel season upon us, getting travel insurance in these uncertain times may be at the top of your mind. Like any insurance, it’s

5 Common Reasons Your Business Insurance Claim Was Denied

Recently, MGW recovered $2.5 million in damages for a condo association that received a denied insurance claim after a Wisconsin hailstorm. Despite having the correct

8 Tips to Avoid a Denied Storm Damage Claim 

Wisconsin storms can be truly detrimental to homes and businesses and can cause costly damage. Although most homeowners’ policies typically cover damages from windstorms, tornadoes,

Understanding Bad Faith Insurance in Wisconsin

Understanding Bad Faith Insurance Practices in Wisconsin

“Bad faith” is likely a term you haven’t heard before, but it’s a common practice by insurance companies that every policyholder should know about.  What

Opposition to Senate Bill 434

MGW specializes in representing homeowners, business owners and associations facing denied insurance claims, which is why we recently submitted written testimony and attended a public hearing to oppose Senate Bill 434.

Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions: What You Need to Know

The Mayer, Graff & Wallace team explain pre-existing conditions exclusions and what to do when your claim has been wrongfully denied.

Wind Damage: What You Need To Know

Recent wind damage to your property? Some insurance companies will refuse to cover cosmetic damage, such as matching shingles or siding. This might be contrary to your insurance policy and Wisconsin law.

Issues with AmGUARD Insurance Company

Problems With AmGUARD Insurance Company? Give MGW Law a call.  Not all insurance companies are created equal. In our experience, there are certain insurance companies

Is Your Insurance Company Playing by the Rules?

Is Your Insurance Company Playing by the Rules?

MGW lawyers explain the rules and laws that insurance companies must follow. Football season is back, but your favorite team is not the only one

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