When To Hire A Lawyer For An Insurance Claim

When facing an insurance claim for your home or business, hiring an attorney may be an option you are considering. If so, there are several factors to weigh that could play into if you should hire one or not. The biggest factors are not only related to the type of claim you have, but also when to involve an attorney in the claims process. If you’re facing an insurance claim and thinking about an attorney, here are a few things to consider.

How complex is your claim?

It’s important to ask yourself how much is at stake with your claim. The larger the stakes, the higher the chance of a dispute, and ultimately the more value an attorney can bring to the table for your case. When judging the complexity of your case, here are a few reasons that may make your case more complex:

• The claim is expensive or inherently complex.
• There have been disagreements very early on in the case.
• It’s hard to establish fault.
• It’s a large claim on your house or business.

When is the right time to hire an attorney?

If your insurance claim checks any of the boxes above, it’s never too soon to speak to an attorney. An experienced insurance attorney, such as the team at MGW Law, is going to be able to tell you pretty quickly whether you need legal counsel or not and how viable your case is. The sooner an attorney can be involved in your case, the less problems you’re going to have.  

Is it too late to hire an attorney?  

In Wisconsin, the statute of limitations on your claim can vary so even if your claim was denied, it’s most likely not too late to speak to an attorney. At MGW, we’re ready to step in at any time for our clients, whether it’s sending the first letter or reopening a case that’s years old.

Does hiring a lawyer increase my chances of winning?

Yes. Insurance law involves not only the deep understanding of insurance and state law specific to your case, but it also involves the interpretation of your policy. Negotiating on your behalf is the most critical service we offer our clients, which is built upon 60 years of combined experience dealing with insurance companies. 

Is it financially worth it?

You won’t know if hiring an insurance lawyer is financially worth it until you speak to one. An experienced insurance lawyer will be able to review your case and outline the potential paths ahead as well as the financial implications. At MGW, each case is judged on its potential merit, and we typically only charge if we win.

If you’re facing an insurance claim and thinking about hiring an attorney, reach out to MGW today. We handle cases of all sizes and we’re happy to review your case and provide counsel on how to move forward.

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