Should I Hire an Attorney to Help with My Denied Insurance Claim?

For policyholders facing a denied insurance claim, the question may arise: Should I hire an attorney to help with my denied insurance claim? While not all denied claims require legal intervention, there are scenarios where hiring an attorney can be a crucial step towards achieving a fair resolution. This blog post aims to educate and empower policyholders, emphasizing proactive measures and the importance of understanding insurance policies to avoid common pitfalls associated with bad faith and denied insurance claims.

Understanding Insurance Claims and Denials
Insurance policies are designed to provide financial protection against unforeseen events. However, insurance companies sometimes deny claims, citing various reasons such as lack of coverage, missed deadlines, or pre-existing conditions. In some cases, these denials can be unjust, falling under the category of “bad faith” practices, where the insurer fails to honor its contractual obligations.

The Role of an Attorney in Your Insurance Claim
An experienced attorney can be a valuable advocate in the face of a denied insurance claim. They can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Attorneys can also provide clarity on whether the denial was justified or if it warrants further legal action.

When to Consider Hiring an Attorney
Complexity of the Claim: If your claim involves substantial damage or is particularly complex, an attorney can help navigate the intricacies of insurance law and ensure that all necessary documentation and evidence are presented correctly.

Bad Faith Denial: If you suspect that your claim was denied in bad faith, an attorney can investigate the insurer’s practices, gather evidence, and potentially file a lawsuit. Bad faith practices might include unreasonable delays, lack of communication, or unjustified denials.

Unfamiliarity with Policy Terms: Insurance policies are often filled with jargon and fine print. An attorney can help interpret the terms of your policy and determine if the denial was legitimate or if there are grounds to challenge it.

Initial Appeals Fail: Many insurance companies offer an internal appeal process for denied claims. If your initial appeals are unsuccessful, an attorney can provide the expertise needed to pursue further legal action.

Proactive Measures to Avoid Claim Denials
Thoroughly Understand Your Policy: Before filing a claim, ensure you understand the coverage, exclusions, and conditions outlined in your policy. This knowledge can prevent misunderstandings and help you present a stronger case if a claim is denied.

Document Everything: Maintain detailed records of all communications with your insurer, including emails, phone calls, and letters. Document the damage or loss with photos, videos, and written descriptions. This evidence can be invaluable if you need to challenge a denial.

Timely Filing: Adhere to all deadlines for filing claims and providing necessary documentation. Missing a deadline can be a valid reason for denial.

Professional Inspections: For significant damages, consider hiring a professional to assess and document the loss. Their reports can provide objective evidence to support your claim.

Keep a Copy of Your Policy: Always have an up-to-date copy of your insurance policy readily available. Review it periodically to stay informed about your coverage and any changes that may occur.

While not every denied insurance claim requires the involvement of an attorney, understanding when to seek legal help can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. MGW Law is the only firm in Wisconsin representing those facing denied or delayed insurance claims. It’s not a part of what we do; it’s all we do. With over fifty years of combined experience working for insurance companies, we know how the process works and we’re prepared to make your insurance provider pay what’s fair. If you’re facing a denied or delayed insurance claim, we can help.

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