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Health Insurance Claims

Denied Health Insurance Claims

Has your health insurance claim been denied? Health insurers may deny claims, in whole or in part, for a number of reasons, including the treatment was not “medically necessary” or was “cosmetic”; you did not obtain pre-authorization for the treatment; the insurer required additional information to process your claim; or the treatment was administered by an “out of network” provider. If you believe the health insurance company has denied your claim in error or required you to pay more than your share under the policy, contact MGW today so we can review your case.

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Understanding Denied Health Insurance Claims

Individuals who purchase health insurance for personal and family coverage rely on the health insurance to be there when medical treatment is needed, whether for a routine check-up or a serious medical condition. However, there are times when the health insurance company makes a bad situation worse and fails to pay for treatment that it is contractually obligated to pay for. In fact, according to the AARP, 200 million claims are denied annually. Read more on our blog post.

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