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Travel Insurance Claim

Denied Travel Insurance Claim

Has your travel insurance claim been denied? Travel insurance provides coverage for certain financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling. The losses can include a lost suitcase, trip cancellation, or medical emergency. Travel insurance compensates you for these kinds of losses while traveling. We help individuals to ensure that you are treated fairly and receive the benefits you paid for under the travel insurance contract. Contact MGW if you need help navigating your travel insurance claim.

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Understanding your travel insurance policy

Most people buy travel insurance on a fairly regular basis to make sure you’re covered in the event of some catastrophe either on or relating to your trip.  Usually the amounts at issue are relatively small in the grand scheme of things; I have yet to see a seven figure travel insurance claim (but I’d love to!)  Because the coverages are limited, companies deny them. Why? Read more on our blog post.

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