Issues with AmGUARD Insurance Company

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Not all insurance companies are created equal. In our experience, there are certain insurance companies that handle insurance claims in a manner that we believe rises to the level of bad faith. You may have seen or heard about a particular insurance company using the same or similar tactics from claim to claim in order to deny coverage or minimize payment. One such company is AmGUARD Insurance Company.

AmGUARD is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies that offers, among other things, property insurance. We have been involved in and heard about several cases in which AmGUARD received notice of property damage, hired an independent adjuster or expert to estimate the value of the loss, failed or refused to disclose the results of that investigation to its insured, and produced an internal estimate that ends up being much smaller than the one originally prepared by the independent adjuster or expert. In these situations, AmGUARD may blame its insureds for failing to provide complete and accurate information about the loss and also its independent adjusters and experts for failing to provide accurate and reliable reports in a timely manner. These excuses are nothing more than attempt to avoid liability or the accusation of wrongdoing.

An insurance company’s duty to act in good faith is non-delegable; meaning, companies like AmGUARD cannot avoid their contractual duties to conduct a complete investigation and pay covered losses in a timely manner. Insurance companies will come up with whatever excuses they can to hold onto their money and lowball claims, even if it is not your fault. This is not acceptable or appropriate under Wisconsin law.

If you have experienced or are experiencing a situation in which your insurance claim is being delayed and the insurance company is being less than transparent about the reasons for the delays, please give our office a call. We can assist you in determining whether an insurance company has unlawfully delegated its responsibilities and obligations under the policy or otherwise failed to act in a manner that is honest and informed while investigating your claim.

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